Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Local Spotlight: Tru Cab

About “Local Spotlight” series: Every month, we’re going to bring you a local Scottsdale company that we think presents a unique offering. The first installment features Tru Cab. This local cab company gives you a more personalized cab experience than just getting from point A to B.

Local Spotlight: Tru Cab

You’re out in Downtown Scottsdale, you’re looking for a ride, and you only have $5 in your pocket. In a normal situation, this could be tricky. However, locally-owned taxi company, Tru Cab, is here to save the day…or night. With $5 cab rides around Downtown Scottsdale, you’ll never be stranded. Some other benefits? Tru Cab lets you pick your own music, provides you with a tablet in the cab for finding awesome locations in Scottsdale, and is in the know on all the different routes to get you where you need to be quicker. If you’ve got a morning ride to the airport, they’ll even bring you coffee and donuts! All those upgrades sure beat the normal cab-ride experience.


  • Play What You Want: It happens time and time again. You hop in a cab only to be bombarded by some out of tune and out of rhythm music. It’s so bad, it can hurt your ears. Lucky for you, Tru Cab puts your ears’ fate in your hands. Pick the music you want, and make sure that your cab ride starts or finishes the night off right.
  • Save Your Battery: When you’re deciding where your next stop will be, don’t waste your precious phone battery. Use one of Tru Cab’s tablets during the ride! That way, your phone won’t die, and you won’t be left alone wondering where all your friends went.
  • Get to Where You’re Going Quicker: The best thing about a locally owned cab company is that they know every nook and cranny of Downtown Scottsdale. This means that if there is a detour, they can get around it with ease. Is there a group of people making their way to The Mint? Not to worry, there’s a route around that.
  • Breakfast With the Ride: You’re unbelievably fun Scottsdale trip has come to an end and you’re calling a ride to the airport. Skip the standard cab and call Tru Cab instead. With a more personalized experience, the trip will be better. Not to mention they bring you coffee and donuts for trips before 9 am.

Tru Cab exemplifies everything great about a locally owned company. They know what riders want, and they deliver on that information. From friendly faces who actually know the areas they drive in, to simple things like choosing the music you listen to, this is how a cab ride should be.