Just a short two hour drive north of Scottsdale sits Sedona, one of Arizona’s natural treasures. Often called “red rock country”, Sedona offers countless activities including hiking, jeep adventures, and vortexes. Sedona is said to be home to eight vortexes, which lie in various spots among the red rocks.

Here is a quick look at what Sedona has to offer:


Outdoor Fun: From hiking to camping to jeep tours, Sedona is an outdoor lover’s paradise. With numerous hiking trails, ranging from easy to difficult, there’s sure to be a trail for every hiker. If hiking really isn’t your thing, then take one of the famous Pink Jeep Tours for sightseeing with an adventurous twist.

Energy Vortexes: Sedona has eight vortexes for visitors to explore. The town has long been known for a invoking a certain “spiritual” feeling among its visitors, and is believed to be caused by these supernatural areas around town.

Shopping, Dining, and Relaxing: If all the above  sounds like a little too much running around for you, then go out and shop the town! Sedona’s main stretch, along Highway 89A, is a street chock-full of shops and restaurants to peruse during your stay. Be sure to take note of the unique gifts that you can find in many of the boutiques in town.

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