At Experience Scottsdale, our mission is to promote the Scottsdale area as a luxury destination for meetings, events and leisure travel. In doing so, we invite people from all over the world to visit and meet in Scottsdale. We could not stand by our work if we did not believe our visitors and clients, including our Black visitors and clients, would feel safe and welcomed in Scottsdale.

That is why we cannot remain silent about the events of June 24. The statements from an elected official that made light of the tragic death of George Floyd were reprehensible, and they do not reflect the values of our organization or our community. Floyd’s final words, “I can’t breathe,” have become a rallying cry for those spotlighting longstanding racism and racial injustice in our country – a movement that is long overdue and that Experience Scottsdale supports.

People of all races, sexual orientations, faiths and backgrounds call Scottsdale home. They include our employees, colleagues, neighbors, family members and friends. But like much of our nation, that does not mean our community is free from racism, discrimination and inequality.

In recent weeks, we at Experience Scottsdale have been evaluating how our organization can become more diverse and inclusive – within our workplace and within our promotions. Those discussions are far from over, and today, we recognize that we cannot just look within. It is vital that Experience Scottsdale work closely with our member businesses and government partners to elevate these conversations and address problems within our community as well.

It is not lost on us that these conversations are happening in the midst of a global pandemic, and Experience Scottsdale also supports our mayor's decision to mandate masks to protect the health and safety of our community.

This is a crucial time in our nation’s history and in our city’s history. Experience Scottsdale is fully committed to doing our part to listen, to learn and to actively work toward healing and change. We are committed to seeking a better future for Scottsdale.


– Experience Scottsdale Leadership