Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience

​The Arizona Indigenous Food Symposium & Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience is a two-day pivotal event that offers a unique opportunity to learn from indigenous peoples while celebrating and revitalizing their food traditions. This symposium brings together indigenous communities from the region to share their rich knowledge, practices, and perspectives on traditional foods, plants, and medicines. With a focus on food sovereignty, environmental justice, health and wellness, and preserving cultural food practices and relationships with the land and natural resources, this event is both enlightening and inspiring. Topics highlighted at the symposium include gathering and preparing traditional foods, restoring indigenous food systems, climate resilience strategies, decolonizing food practices, and indigenous ecological knowledge. On the second day, the Arizona American Indian Tourism Association (AAITA) will present the Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. This event promises an elegant, unique, and authentic Arizona experience, showcasing Native Arizona cuisine, arts, and live performances. Attendees will enjoy curated tasting stations, demonstrations, and interactive conversations with indigenous chefs and demonstrators, making it a sensory delight and a profound cultural experience.

​These curated events will reflect the rich tapestry of Native Arizona with its history, foods, music, people and cultures. The event  brings together many Native communities with traditional and contemporary elements that highlight and celebrate the beauty and important contributions of Arizona’s Native Peoples to Arizona culture. 

3830 N. Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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Recurring daily
Starting: 06:00 PM
(602) 299-9576
(602) 299-9576