Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience

The Arizona American Indian Tourism Association (AAITA) will present the Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience on November 18, 2023, to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. The Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience delivers a unique and authentic Arizona event that will delight your senses. Native Arizona will take center stage at this culinary/cocktail-tasting event. In addition to traditional and contemporary Native cuisine, Native Arts will be showcased and live performances. Indigenous Chefs and Demonstrators will delight with curated tasting stations, demonstrations, and interactive conversations.

Exquisite Native Chef tasting stations featuring traditional and fusion foods and cocktails crafted by Arizona’s most noted Native American chefs will take attendees on a journey of Arizona Indian Country via their senses.

In addition to the Chef element this year, we will be introducing through this event Indigenous Agrotourism businesses within the Arizona Tribes. Indigenous agro-tourism offers a sustainable way to combine agriculture and indigenous culture, allowing visitors to learn, explore, and support indigenous communities economically. However, it is crucial to approach this tourism with respect for indigenous cultures, ensuring consent, adherence to protocols, and prioritizing community well-being.

Indigenous Agrotourism experiences allow visitors to actively engage with indigenous farmers, participating in traditional practices such as planting, harvesting, and preparing meals. This immersive involvement deepens their understanding of the spiritual and cultural connections between indigenous peoples, their environment, and food systems.

Moreover, indigenous agro-tourism has the potential to generate income for communities, contributing to development, education, healthcare, and cultural preservation. It also serves as a platform to raise awareness of indigenous challenges, fostering a sense of social responsibility among visitors.

In essence, indigenous agro-tourism brings together cultural preservation, economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship by providing enriching experiences for visitors while supporting the well-being of indigenous communities and their local economies.”

Foodies, culture enthusiasts, and Arizona lovers won’t want to miss this chance to explore the tastes, sights, and sounds of Native Arizona. Tickets are 40.00 & $70.00 and can be purchased at

3830 N. Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Starting: 06:00 PM
(602) 299-9576
(602) 299-9576