Camille A. Brown & Dancers

Bessie Award-winning Camille A. Brown & Dancers (CABD) makes a personal claim on history through the lens of a modern black female choreographer. Camille A. Brown’s work uses the aesthetics of Modern, Hip Hop, African, Ballet and Tap to tell stories that reclaim the cultural narratives of the African Diaspora. The company’s work builds understanding of and appreciation for the African American experience.

The works of CABD are strongly character based, with a rich palette of dance, rhythm and gesture. Brown has a singular gift for wedding movement and meaning — her fully drawn dances can convey a state of mind, depict a whole community and probe profound subjects. Theater, poetry, scenic design and live musical accompaniment merge to inject each performance and program with energy and urgency.

1200 S. Forest Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
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Starting: 07:00 PM
(480) 965-3434
(480) 965-3434