The Heard Museum is proud to announce the forthcoming exhibition, Dear Listener: works by Nicholas Galanin. The exhibition, which opens May 4, 2018, is a mid-career retrospective of contemporary Native Alaskan artist, Nicholas Galanin. His approach to making art is conceptual, thematically addressing pertinent issues of American Indian representation of cultural critique. Galanin takes a multidisciplinary approach to art-making; his body of work includes sculpture, installation, video, performance, and new media. His conceptual work is often provocative, and addresses issues of authority, authenticity, American Indian experience, and the commoditization of Indigenous culture. Galanin brings to his work a liberated space for engagement with people of all cultures, and a platform to which they can relate from their unique cultural perspectives. 

The exhibition will explore themes of Indigeneity, the porosity of identity in both Indigenous and American contexts, and reciprocal dialogues therein. Works will inspect the notions of landscape, colonialism, and redress the rampant misappropriation of American Indian aesthetics and visual culture by non-Native individuals, and highlight the artists nimbleness in the reclamation of Indigenous agency. The title of the exhibition, Dear Listener, is an intentional direct address to the viewer - playing off of clandestine broadcasters addressing their listeners in the same manner, it is an active attempt at creating a discursive conversation between viewer and artist. 

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(602) 252-8840