New Year’s Eve is a time to focus on new beginnings, fresh starts and the exciting adventure ahead. Just as train tracks link distant locations, Verde Canyon Railroad forms a connection from the past, the present and the future through precious memories with loved ones. Revelers of all ages will enjoy a “Family New Year’s Eve” daytime event aboard Verde Canyon Railroad.  

As the train travels deep into the Verde Canyon, along heritage rails dating from 1912, passengers enjoy comfortable seating and striking panoramic vistas. Join together in open-air viewing cars offering a refreshing taste of the Canyon’s crisp winter air, making cheeks rosy and inspiring toasts between the generations.  In addition to hot cocoa and champagne, full bar service will be available for adults.

Everyone onboard gets party favors and a choice of sparkling cider or Champagne to toast the New Year. Delicious lunch options are available at the train depot and festive family and adult beverages will be available for purchase onboard the train. The ride is from 1:00-4:30 p.m., so revelers of all ages can enjoy a “Family New Year’s Eve” aboard Verde Canyon Railroad.

300 N Broadway
$115 (includes party favors).
From: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM
(800) 293-7245
(800) 293-7245