A legend lives on as the Glenn Miller Orchestra presents seven decades of hits. The 18-member ensemble just celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2021 and continues to play many of the original Miller arrangements alongside more modern selections performed in the distinctive Miller style and sound, where the clarinet holds the melodic line—doubled or coupled with the tenor sax playing the same notes—with harmonies produced by three other saxophones as growling trombones and wailing trumpets add their “oo-ahs.” 

The first Glenn Miller Orchestra did not make it at all. It was a total and absolute economic failure. But Miller knew what he wanted, held to that dedication, and relentlessly worked to succeed. He launched his second band—the one that lives on today—in March of 1938. The Glenn Miller Orchestra has been a “hit” ever since. 

7380 E. Second St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Starting at $30
Starting: 02:00 PM