Warren has logged more than 6 decades of study in the Earp story, visiting the places where Wyatt Earp played his part in history and cobbled together a remarkable life. After interviewing the top researchers in the Earp field from Georgia to California, Warren’s trilogy has given readers a real understanding of the Earp story, not by trying to explain the man, but by letting the reader experience Earp’s motivations, aspirations, shortcomings, and tragedies.

About the Book: From all over the country, dreamers are trekking to Tombstone, Arizona Territory, where a major silver strike promises new opportunities for a man to make his fortune. Wyatt Earp brings to the boomtown a wagon and team of draft horses to open a stage line that will transport people and bullion, but finding the stage business glutted, Wyatt is pulled back into law enforcement.

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