Memory Lounge: Chance Phillips

Create a beautiful, unique, and useful greeting card with dried tea bags, images from old books, and pressed flowers. The possibilities are endless. You will never look at a tea bag the same way again! 

Unlock your creativity and embark on a journey of artistic expression unlike any other. Join us to craft exquisite and one-of-a-kind greeting cards that blend the charm of dried tea bags, vintage book images, and delicate pressed flowers.

Discover the boundless possibilities that await as you repurpose tea bags into stunning works of art. Combine them with the timeless allure of images sourced from old books and the ethereal elegance of pressed flowers. This workshop promises to ignite your imagination and transform your perspective on everyday items.

Under the guidance of our experienced instructor, you'll delve into the art of crafting uniquely beautiful greeting cards that carry a touch of whimsy and sophistication. Unleash your creative potential and learn to weave these diverse elements into intricate designs that will captivate the eye and stir the heart.

Prepare to witness the remarkable transformation of tea bags into a canvas of artistic expression. Join us for an unforgettable event that will forever alter the way you perceive tea bags—a journey of creativity, innovation, and the joy of crafting something truly special.

7374 E. Second St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
From: 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM
(480) 499-8587
(480) 499-8587