Messages in Ink, Women in Print features fine art prints by female artists from across Arizona.

Women artists have been historically under-represented in many art forms, including print media. Most women who became printers between the 16th and 20th centuries took over operation of the press after their husbands’ deaths. Today, women artists are flourishing in fine art printing.

Some artists exclusively produce fine art prints, while artists who work in other media enjoy translating their work to prints. Print artists can also be collaborators, working with their colleagues to share techniques, artwork, and ideas. Printmakers are always learning and sharing new techniques and processes, building on their knowledge base to evolve their work.

“Working with other printmakers makes it easy and fun, even for the less interesting parts, like prep and cleanup,” said Phoenix artist Wendy Willis.

Additionally, artists and printers have been conveying personal messages in their artworks since the invention of the printing press. When a truth is too difficult to be blatantly stated, artists will cloak it in an image or message.

Fine art prints are primarily artworks on paper that allow an artist to convey their message in a graphic, in-your-face way or with subtle and layered imagery. The types of prints in this exhibition include: monoprints, a process that produces unique, one-of-a-kind works, and reliefintaglio or lithography, which can produce multiple artworks in limited-edition runs.

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