Mick Adams and the Stones® have appeared on National Television’s, The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands, as the world’s greatest tribute to The Rolling Stones. Rising above all others in the most demanding role the tribute world has to offer, Mick must be seen to be believed. Mick Jagger himself sent his personal assistant to a Mick Adams and The Stones® show to record Mick Adams and sent back a big thumbs up! Not only is Mick Adams a dead-ringer for Mick Jagger, he brings Mick Jagger’s intense energy to each and every performance.

Endorsed by former Atlantic Records President Jerry Greenberg who said, “It doesn’t get any closer than this!” Mick Adams has every move, every look and every nuance of Mick Jagger down to perfection!

524 North 92nd Street
Loop 101 & McKellips
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Recurring daily
Starting: 07:30 PM