Robert Dubac draws on decades of showbiz experience as a writer, actor, and stand-up comic to create solo shows that explore social mores, political ideas, and the complexity of the human experience. He belongs to a rare breed of humorists who make comedy smart and tragedy funny. 

Stand-Up Jesus, his most recent solo show, takes an irreverent look at reverence—shining the light of truth on false prophets, duplicitous politicians, and immoral sheeple. It is intelligently designed to redeem sinners of all faiths. His ecclesiastical reviews are stellar. 

Using humor that is both intelligent and absurd, Dubac dissects culture with a jaundiced and probing eye. His characters boggle our minds with rapid-fire satire while simultaneously crafting a simple story that binds us together. His unmatched ability to combine the boisterous laughter of stand-up with the staggering thrill of live theatre fills seats everywhere, as nothing like this can be seen on TV. 

The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? is his original tour-de-force that tackles the babble of the sexes. It has become a worldwide phenomenon, having been translated into dozens of languages and performed in just as many countries. It is, hands down, the funniest relationship show you will ever see. His second production, The Book of Moron, has been lauded nationwide as the kind of razor-sharp satire desperately needed to awaken our world from its catastrophic dumbing down. It’s the definitive remedy for truth in a world that runs on hype and spin. 

7380 E. Second St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Starting at $35
Recurring daily
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