Norman Rockwell is heralded as being the greatest storyteller of our time.  This along with the fact that two of his most ardent collectors happen to be George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg speaks volumes of the innate ability Rockwell has to reach his audience. Rockwell's imagery and genius convey the "Spirit of America," a universal theme and feeling that he branded during his tenure at the Saturday Evening Post.  Winner of the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, Norman Rockwell was always a humble and quiet man painting the traditions, ideals, and events that shaped America.

Spirit of America: Norman Rockwell will open to the public on Friday, November 30, 2018 at American Fine Art.    This special exhibit offers collectors an amazing opportunity to acquire some of the most important works of art and iconic imagery that Rockwell would ever create.  Including his Four Freedoms, Freedom of Speech - Freedom of Worship - Freedom from Fear - Freedom from Want; along with Doctor & Doll and the Art Connoisseur.  Over 100 pieces are featured and available for sale to the public in this must-see collection.  Unlike the Smithsonian, Metropolitan Museum or the Los Angles County Museum the original artwork on display at American Fine Art is offered for sale and available to the general public. 

3908 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Admission is free of charge. Artworks range in price, starting at $500.00.
Recurring daily