Sunsets & Sips *Member Bonus

Elevate Your Evening: Sunset Soiree at Taliesin West

Indulge in sophistication at Taliesin West's renowned event, Sunset & Sips! Set against a backdrop of twinkling city lights below, immerse yourself in an ambiance that encourages you to savor life's pleasures, with a carefully crafted beverage in hand. Meander through the tranquil outdoor pathways, a canvas of serenity at Taliesin West, where each step invites connection and conversation.

Uncover the ever-evolving heart of Taliesin West as you step into 1-2 indoor spaces that change with every visit, providing a fresh perspective on architecture and design.

Please note that while this program provides exclusive access to the event's location, consider enhancing your experience by including a guided tour. Expand your journey to fully appreciate the enchanting world of Taliesin West.

**MEMBER BONUS:** Elevating the experience further, during the second Sunsets & Sips of each month, our cherished Members are granted access to an exclusive VIP area of the property. Here, they can connect with fellow Members, mingle with our team, relish in delightful treats, and bask in the ambiance of an unparalleled space. To discover more about the perks of Membership, explore further here.

Elevate your evening, experience the allure of architecture and community, and revel in the magic of a captivating sunset at Taliesin West.

12621 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Adults $35 | Members $31.50
5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
(480) 860-2700
(480) 860-2700