"Enrichment" is a wildlife management term describing special, unique activities and treats that encourage sanctuary animals to have fun, exhibit wild behaviors, and make their days more interesting. Celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our Animal Care specialists and knowledgeable Trail Guides and give back to our native Arizona wildlife.

Each table at this event will work on an enrichment project. Past projects have included special tubes full of scents and treats, boxes of treats covered in leaves, pumpkin "salads," and more! Once all projects are complete, guests can roam the sanctuary and observe the animals enjoying those special treats.

Only 8 tables are available for this event: 4 Premium Tables and 4 Standard Tables. Guests seated at Premium Tables will SAFELY enter the animals' enclosures and place enrichment themselves for the black bears, mountain lions, and coatimundis. Animals are randomly assigned to both Premium and Standard tables.

This event takes place completely outside. Dress for the weather, bring water and wear close-toed shoes. Allow at least 2 hours for your experience.

27026 N. 156th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
$250 for a premium table of up to 6 people $150 for a standard table of up to 6 people
From: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM