Returning for his 40th season in Scottsdale, acclaimed pianist Jeffrey Siegel makes the joy of music accessible to audiences of all ages. His brilliantly engaging concerts with commentary combine captivating remarks with world-class performances of masterpieces of the piano repertoire, and conclude with a fast-paced Q-and-A session.

Siegel explores the humor and high spirits of three Beethoven works: “Rage Over a Lost Penny,” and the “Theresa” and “Farewell” sonatas. Like “Für Elise,” Beethoven’s “Rage Over a Lost Penny” was left unpublished at his death and, also like “Für Elise,” it is today an audience favorite. The piece seems to vent anger, but of an amusing sort. Robert Schumann wrote that “it is the most amiable, harmless anger, similar to that felt when one cannot pull a shoe from off the foot.” Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in F-sharp Major, Op. 78, is nicknamed the “Theresa” Sonata for its dedicatee, while the “Farewell” Sonata, Op. 81a, observes the farewell, absence — and eventual return — of an important person in the composer’s life.

7380 E. Second St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Starting: 7:30 PM
(480) 499-8587
(480) 499-8587