The Sun Dog Twins (Will Clipman and Leon Joseph Littlebird) fuse elements of guitar-driven folk-rock, troubadour balladry and contemplative Native American flute with the heartbeat of drums and world percussion to create a new genre of music they call Big Skillet: inclusive and effusive, traditional yet unconventional, with a boundary-crossing originality both timely and timeless. 

A Sun Dog Twins concert encompasses songs of social conscience, romantic love, and historical Americana, intermingled with intimate instrumental duets that feature Clipman's pan-global palette of indigenous instruments and Littlebird's deft guitar and flute artistry. Both musicians are also gifted raconteurs, segueing from song to song with insightful and entertaining storytelling that humanizes and illuminates their music for audiences of all ages and tastes. 

4725 E. Mayo Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
7 P.M.
(480) 478-6000
(480) 478-6000