Traveler’s Sound is an innovative fusion of rock and roll and music from around the world. Its intense and adrenaline-driven performances amplify traditional ethnic instruments with the power of a full-blown rock band.

Bandleader Scott Jeffers has traveled the world gathering inspiration for Traveler, often composing songs while surrounded by the people, sounds, sights, smells, and landscapes of faraway places. He brings traditional instruments from his journeys—such as the Turkish oud and Moroccan loutar, which are ancient predecessors of the guitar; the bouzouki, a traditional Greek stringed instrument; and, most recently, a Moroccan sheep horn—to the stage, bringing authenticity to his fusion of sounds and cultures.

The real magic of a Traveler concert is in the connection the band makes with its audience, which is drawn in by the band’s passionate, high-energy performances and unique combination of cultures.

4725 E. Mayo Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Starting: 07:30 PM
(480) 478-6000
(480) 478-6000