A Balloon Experience by Hot Air Expeditions Inc.

702 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027

The Sonoran Desert is one of the foremost areas for hot air ballooning in the entire world. Come and see why! 

Your journey begins with the viewing of the inflation of the balloon, where you will first get a glimpse of how large the balloons really are up close as they come to life!  Upon the conclusion of the inflation, your pilot will whisk you away in the basket for your approximate one hour flight.  During the breathtaking journey, you will enjoy floating at different elevations, from up to 5,000 feet in the air for a gorgeous overview of the Sonoran Desert, to within feet of the ground and the giant saguaro cacti that scatter the valley of the sun, to catch a glimpse of local wildlife and plant life. It is very common to see jackrabbits, quail, coyote and even javalinas.

Upon landing you are greeted with flutes of chilled champagne, and almost magically tables with linens and china appear, right in the heart of the desert - a hint to the treat you are about to enjoy!  Post-flight you will enjoy cuisine catered by the award-winning Vincent's on Camelback, as well as a traditional balloonists ceremony. 

Hot Air Expeditions has been rated "Best Balloon Flight in Phoenix" by Fodor's Travel for the past 21 years in a row. Morning flights are available daily, year-round, and afternoon flights are available seasonally, November - March. 

FAA certified, uniformed, insured. Individuals and groups are welcome, hotel transfers available, all major credit cards accepted.

Don't miss this opportunity to fly over one of the foremost hot air balloon areas of the entire world!


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Monday 4:30am-8:00pm
Tuesday 4:30am-8:00pm
Wednesday 4:30am-8:00pm
Thursday 4:30am-8:00pm
Friday 4:30am-8:00pm
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