Let us help you look and feel your best with mobile IV hydration and nutrient therapy! We are a highly experienced Team of RNs who travel to your location, with no added trip charge, to provide a personalized IV drip service catered to your needs. Whether you are hungover, have an illness, need an energy boost, are focused on anti-aging and beauty, have a headache, are experiencing nausea, want an immune boost, or are planning an athletic event... We have A Drip For That!

Intravenous administration is the most effective and efficient way to replace fluids, vitamins, and minerals in the body and to get relief with medications. When given IV, nutrients and fluids are 95% available to your body, giving your body exactly what it needs. This allows us to help you feel your best very quickly. In addition, all our blends contain some level of immune-boosting nutrients, so you get the added benefit of improved immunity with all of our IV services.

Our top priority when providing IV therapy is your safety. We work under two medical doctors who are always available to us if we have questions or concerns about you or your medications. We ensure your safety by using sterile, disposable supplies and always using aseptic technique. Our individualized care brings you safe, effective relief, saves you money on alternative treatment options, and helps you make the best of your time.

We specialize in group events like bachelorette/bachelor parties, weddings, adult birthday parties, golf tournaments, corporate groups, and more. Although our pricing is already very competitive, we offer great specials for these events, and we also offer bulk pricing that saves more as group sizes increase.

Whether you are visiting Scottsdale or are a local, we would love to be considered for your IV therapy needs.

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