JabberYak's unique ice breaker solutions enhance engagement, networking and interactions.  JabberYak’s platform enables employees to connect and interact based on common interests.  It’s the ultimate conversation-starter that creates a fun atmosphere, eases social interaction, builds relationships, and improves the level of engagement with co-workers or customers. 

You strive to create an exceptional work space and you know the value of engaged employees. JabberYak products can help you take your company to the next level by getting people to actively connect, network and mingle. With JabberYak, your employees will engage in fun conversations and exchange personal anecdotes based on 7 unique interests they select that are either worn or displayed at the workplace. The initial anxiety will ease immediately as this visual cue connects them before a single word is exchanged. They will feel empowered, safe, and confident. This is the power of JabberYak, the great social equalizer.      

JabberYak’s patented technology gives users access to customized personal interest templates that include: sports, activities, hobbies, food, arts, adventures and more.   The visual cue of our ice breaker products along with the data analytics, scavenger hunt, and social networking app help ease everyone into a group setting—small or large. It’s great for employees who are just meeting for the first time or even for those who have known each other for years.  Individuals bond and discover something interesting about each other.  Everyone says its truly an amazing experience to watch and be a part of.

Bring the fun back to the workplace…networking, and team building with JabberYak!

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(602) 904-7888
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