Muse Pilates

15641 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Certified Pilates instruction in Scottsdale, Arizona in a beautiful new studio with a Power Pilates comprehensively certified instructor. Offering all levels of Classical Pilates on both the mat and all pieces of Pilates apparatus (including reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and ladder barrel).

Tailored sessions to address specific needs of athletes, dancers, figure skaters, people recovering from injury, cancer warriors, fitness colleagues, and those who have always wanted to try Pilates. Individua, duet and group sessions available. Virtual sessions, concierge service, private events, corporate and group events as well.

Visitors and seasonal guests welcome. Pilates retreat and Continuing Education destination.

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(602) 619-2948
(602) 619-2948
Monday 8am-8pm by appointment
Tuesday 8am-8pm by appointment
Wednesday 8am-8pm by appointment
Thursday 8am-8pm by appointment
Friday 8am-8pm by appointment
Saturday 8am-8pm by appointment
Sunday 8am-8pm by appointment