SAFE Action Project

PO Box 1125 Mesa, AZ 85211
The SAFE Action Project (Safeguarding All From Exploitation), under the direction of the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network, is a travel, tourism, and hospitality training program designed to elevate awareness and action within the industry to combat human trafficking. The SAFE Action Project is a program funded and operated by Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network (AATN) and has partnered with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and Homeland Security Investigations – Phoenix. Through specialized training and community collaborations, the project provides hospitality and tourism industry staff with the knowledge and skills to recognize and properly report potential trafficking situations. The SAFE Action Project aims to bring all of these disciplines to the table to train hospitality and tourism industry professionals and as well as bystanders on how to recognize, report, and ultimately end human trafficking in Arizona. The SAFE Action Project training sessions are provided free of charge and can be in-person, virtual, or online training sessions.