Salvatore Vineyards is named after the grandfather of our winemaker, Jason Domanico. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, the Salvatore brand represents the highest quality wines we produce using the best grapes and barrels possible. Salvatore can best be described as small batch, meticulously made wines. Our wines are created with the utmost care and patience. Many of these special wines are comprised of a single barrel.

The Domanico family has it's roots in Sicily and Calabria, Italy. The crest on the bottle is a combination of both of those regions. The woman's face with the three legs is from the Sicilian crest. We replaced the traditional wheat stalks around her face with grape clusters. The two crosses are from the crest of Calabria. We also chose to note the name or variety of the wine in the same red shade that is used on our Passion Cellars labels.

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