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Sonospine® is the premier center for minimally disruptive spine surgery. The Sonospine® Sonosculpt™ technique allows our surgeons access to the spinal canal with less disruption of bone, joints, and other tissues. Once at the source of your pain, advanced ultrasonic instruments precisely sculpt away bone and disc to restore your spine’s normal anatomy decompressing nerves and relieving pain. The advanced technology of surgical ultrasound allows our surgeons to address even the most complex cases without destabilizing the spine. Spinal fusions are avoided and our patients return to the life they once enjoyed.

Sonospine’s team will go over all options from non-invasive therapies to the Sonospine surgical techniques.  Sonospine’s procedures are outpatient, same day surgeries and post-surgery results are constantly ranked excellent only 4 weeks after surgery. If you have exhausted your options and are still hurting, Sonospine® would love to partner with you as a guide to the pain-free mobility you once enjoyed.

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