Nestled at the heart of our resort oasis is a vibrant and inviting pool bar and grill, a captivating space where culinary delights and poolside relaxation converge. Guests can unwind on plush lounge chairs or gather around the bar, sipping on expertly crafted cocktails that seamlessly complement the sun-soaked surroundings. Sink your teeth into a juicy burger and sip on a cold mojito without leaving your lounger. Our pool bar serves up a selection of casual favorites, lights snacks, and delicious drinks, including smoothies and frozen cocktails. The pool itself beckons like a shimmering gem, a refreshing oasis where guests can enjoy a leisurely swim or simply soak in the sun's warmth. Whether dipping your toes in the cool water or immersing yourself in its welcoming embrace, the pool is a sanctuary that soothes the senses and rejuvenates the spirit.
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(480) 596-7430
(480) 596-7430
7700 E McCormick Parkway Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Monday 11 AM - 6 PM
Tuesday 11 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday 11 AM - 6 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 6 PM
Friday 11 AM - 6 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 11 AM - 6 PM