9219 E. Hidden Spur Trail Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Victorium Scottsdale is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility offering over 18,000 square feet dedicated to training tomorrow’s champions today both on and off the court! Victorium offers the perfect environment to develop local junior recreation league participants to veteran professional and Olympic level athletes. Our all wood surface can host nearly any sport including soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, floor hockey, and even pickleball! If you play or train for it, we want to be your partner in preparation. Victorium was conceived as a place where clubs, teams, and athletes could meet to train, play, and compete. We provide athletes, and their coaches, of all levels a world-class experience.

At Victorium, we understand what drives athletes to reach their full potential and how to keep them there. Audience interaction and the roar of the crowd enhances each player’s experience so parents and fans can cheer from the bleachers or our court length mezzanine lounge and restaurant. Parents and athletes alike can refuel with healthy meals and celebrate good sportsmanship with an adult beverage.

Victorium also strives to support its athletes in injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery. We are proud to announce our on-site partner Center for Athletic Performance whose well-being model integrates physical therapy with performance training.

Victorium also excels in working with our local community and national business leaders alike in providing a unique learning environment and a place to have some fun. Featuring 4 jumbo sized court based led monitors we are uniquely qualified to play host to formal presentations as well as incorporate team building exercises. Add in our full catering capabilities and you can make Victorium YOUR home court advantage!

Victorium – For the love of Sport!

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(480) 577-0678
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