Wealth Management Solutions

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Looking for an independent, fee-only CFP® certified financial advisor? You will find this at Wealth Management Solutions (WMS). WMS was founded in 2003 by David Rosenthal, MBA, CFP® who has been a fee-only financial advisor since he began his career in 1995.

As a firm, WMS focuses on providing outstanding financial planning and investment management services to a select number of families. David takes pride in the work he does and takes great care to maintain an enjoyable, fun work environment, and personable relationships with his clients.

Financial planning: When you work with an advisor who provides financial planning, they will look at the type of mortgage you have (as well as all types of debt you may have), your tax situation, investment allocation, insurance coverage, company benefits, family situation, career stability, spending habits, wills and trusts, retirement plans; basically anything that has to do with you and your money.

This type of financial advisor can provide valuable advice that will affect numerous parts of your financial life, and they can help make sure that a decision made with one part does not have adverse effects on another part.

Investment advice is just one small piece of financial planning. It has to do with where you put your money; from picking funds inside your 401k plan to evaluating the right place to park cash reserve funds.

The financial planning, however, is where we help clients make decisions that can put thousands of dollars back in their pockets.

(480) 609-4330
(480) 609-4330