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Taliesin Institute Inspires Next Generation of Architects Through Frank Lloyd Wright’s Principles

Since Launching in January 2022, the Collection of Programs Has Reached Students, Scholars & Lifelong Learners on an International Level

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (August 22, 2023) – The Taliesin Institute, a program created by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to educate future architects, designers and thought leaders on the principles of organic architecture and its relevance to modern challenges, has transformed into a commanding presence within the educational world with a diverse range of programs that preserve Wright’s legacy for generations to come.

Since its inception in January 2022, the Taliesin Institute has collaborated with esteemed institutions, welcoming more than 375 students and scholars from across the country and around the world to study at the two Taliesin properties: Taliesin in Spring Green, Wis., and Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Ariz. Notable partners include the University of Pennsylvania, University of Arizona, University of Chicago, University of Geneva (Switzerland), Yale University and University of Oklahoma, among others.

“The Taliesin Institute has provided an avenue for us to not only share Wright’s ideas on a global scale, but to also create a diverse community of learners dedicated to exploring the intricate relationships between architecture, ourselves and our society,” said Stuart Graff, president and CEO of the Foundation. “Through these programs and partnerships, these spaces at Taliesin and Taliesin West are being utilized as vessels for innovation, creation and immersive education by students, scholars, professionals and lifelong learners, just as Wright had intended when he created the Taliesin Fellowship in 1932.”

At the core of the Taliesin Institute’s offerings are its college and university programs, which provide a transformative experience as students receive real-world exposure through lectures, panel discussions, presentations, customized programs and onsite research. Hands-on work is heavily integrated into the curriculum, which aligns with Wright’s philosophy of learning by doing, with program offerings such as history of architecture courses, design competitions, scholars in residence, students in residence, design studio programs and more.

To cater to the evolving nature of organic design, the Taliesin Institute will offer programs for professionals and lifelong learners including conferences, continuing education, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and symposia. By exploring the intricate elements of Wright’s architectural and social principles, participants can gain deeper insights into its applications for the present day, as well as for the future.

As a hub of knowledge and educational advancements, the Taliesin Institute offers scholars, students, institutions and professional organizations access to scholarly resources for educational and professional research, including collections, guest speakers, a comprehensive library, publications and webinars.

“The Taliesin Institute’s impact extends far beyond the physical campuses of Taliesin and Taliesin West,” said Jennifer Gray, Ph.D., vice president and director of the Taliesin Institute, a noted Wright scholar, architectural historian and curator. “Our goal is to serve as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of leading architects, designers and creatives utilizing Wright’s teachings as a foundation for contemporary practice. His philosophies are just as invaluable today as they were in his time, and we can leverage these ideas to address current challenges, including sustainability, inequality, affordable housing and more.”

To further engage architecture enthusiasts and the general public in Wright’s work and influential ideas, the Taliesin Institute has planned upcoming exhibitions, as well as a number of lifelong learning programs. The upcoming exhibition in Japan, “Wright’s Imperial Hotel at 100: Frank Lloyd Wright and the World,” celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the Imperial Hotel’s completion in 1923, which established Wright as one of the world’s first global architects. Future lifelong learning programs include online classes such as “Frank Lloyd Wright and the Emergence of Modern Architecture” and “Everywhere or Nowhere: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Broadacre City,” a three-part lecture series titled “Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan” and more. Other programs are in development and will be released throughout the year.

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