Save 50% on a Combination Treatment

Pearl MedSpa
Offer Valid 11/24/2022 - 01/03/2023

Enjoy a combination treatment of a Cherry enzyme peel and Dermaplane for $149! (Regular: $298)

What is a Dermaplane? It is a treatment option that involves removing all the dead skin cells and villus hair from the face with a surgical scalpel. This process can trigger cell rejuvenation as once the old dead skin cells are removed, new skin cells will be generated. 

What is an Enzyme Peel? Similar to a dermaplaning treatment in some ways, as this is also a process that triggers cell rejuvenation and deep exfoliation. During this treatment, an enzyme or chemical will be applied to your face, and then removed, also removing any dead skin and the very outermost layer of skin cells. As a result, the growth of new skin cells will be triggered. 

Please mention Experience Scottsdale when booking your procedure. If you are a new patient to us, a consultation is required on your first visit to us.