3 Tours To Discover Scottsdale

By local contributor
Emily Lawrence

At just over one square mile, Old Town Scottsdale is known for being easily walkable. But a little ride around town to make sure you see all the sites doesn’t hurt, especially in summer when getting from one spot to another as fast as possible is a no-brainer. We have you covered with three different ways to tour Scottsdale!



Looking for a fun tour with a dozen or so of your closest friends? Take a pub crawl on the Arizona Party Bike! This 15-passenger merrymaking machine cruises around Old Town on pedal power, and with all the festivity on board, you can almost always hear it before you see it. If you’re like me, you’ll claim the seat in the back (check it out and you’ll see why!). BYOBW (beer and wine) and let the good times roll!



For visitors and tourists alike, JoyRidesAZ is a fun favorite for the whole family. You’ll discover Old Town destinations that you didn’t know existed from the comfort of a golf cart. Hop on one of JoyRides’ existing culinary, wine-and-beer, or historic tours, or just ask for a ride around town.


Phat Rides

With Phat Rides, you can pick your own route or join a guided tour by bike or scooter. It’s a great way to enjoy the fresh Scottsdale air and cover more ground than you would on foot. Plus, Phat Rides’ bikes are electric to give you an extra boost, so you can do as much or as little pedaling as you’d like. Phat Rides delivers to Scottsdale-area hotels, so it’s easy and convenient to tour Old Town, chase the last light of day on a Sunset Tour, or explore different cities with the Scottsdale to Tempe Tour.

No matter how you choose to tour Scottsdale, we know you won’t be disappointed!