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Cactus is the New Flower

By local contributor
Halie Sutton

Roses are red, violets are blue, but a cactus is somehow trendier than the two. This plant has been around for ages - at least here in Arizona - and now you can find cacti in a variety of species and in various forms. Whether you want a real one planted in your yard or a ceramic one that functions as a lamp, cacti have become the pop-up plants of today's culture. 

This cactus craze isn't just restricted to the Arizona desert, it's making a statement around the world and the trend is definitely here to stay. The word "cactus" is currently hashtagged more than 7.4 million times on Instagram! With cactus-inspired clothing, home decor, and Instagram-worthy cactus backdrops, these prickly iterations are just too cute to pass up. Check out how this festive desert plant has become an influence here in Scottsdale!