Scottsdale's Instagram Guide to Fall

By local contributor
JoAnne Zeterberg

You guys, fall is so close I can taste, see, and smell all the amazing things that are about to happen. Call me basic (because I know I am) but, I already have so many Instagrams lined up for this fall season that I feel I need to start snapping right now. And because I know for a fact I am not the only basic one out there, I am going to share where you can find your perfect fall Instagrams in Scottsdale this season.




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Ok, so I couldn’t go Pumpkin Spice Latte right off the bat. That’s just too predictable. Instead, I am going to say this… hotdogs. In fall you ask? Yes. If you missed Spring Training in Scottsdale in March don’t fret. Arizona Fall Ball (September 18 – October 26, 2019) gives all of you a second chance at wearing your Converse and baseball hats, grabbing a beer and a hot dog, and snapping away.


Fall Leaves


Did you even do fall right if you didn’t get a picture of yourself throwing leaves in the air? Or snapping a pic of yourself standing in a pile of leaves with those new fall boots and flannel?  Didn’t think so. Trust me when I say your Instagram photo is waiting for you up at the Inner Basin Trail in Flagstaff, just a two-hour drive north of Scottsdale. JUST LOOK AT IT.




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And not just any cupcake…a Sprinkles cupcake…and not just any Sprinkles cupcake…but a Sprinkles pumpkin cupcake. As I am sure most of you know, the Sprinkles in Old Town Scottsdale has an ATM that dispenses cupcakes at your whim! The best Instagram’s in life can’t always be free. You do what you have to for that picture. Get the pumpkin cupcake. Snap the pic and let the likes begin. Added Insta bonus: Boomerang that action.


Pumpkin Pickin’ in the Patches


Pumpkin patches are back and it is time to get to picking that perfect pumpkin. While it may be one of the most basic shots you can truly take in the fall, it really does make for a cute picture and a great time spent with good friends. Check out the Pumpkin Patch at MacDonald’s Ranch. Great pumpkins, great experiences and basic photos are in your future.


Adult Beverages


You can pick pumpkins, carve pumpkins, eat pumpkins, and even sip on them (which is the best option in my opinion). The pumpkin porter is returning to Four Peaks Grill & Tap this fall and you don’t want to miss out on this goodness. It’s five o’clock somewhere so stop by and try the pumpkin porter! Added photo op: Boomerang you and all of your friends sharing cheers!