Get Ready for Some Football

By local contributor
Tom Mackin

You’re an NFL football fan in Scottsdale and a long way from home. But your team is playing and as a loyal fan, you want to cheer them on. What to do? Fans of nine different NFL teams (not counting the hometown Arizona Cardinals) have numerous locations in and around Scottsdale to catch a game with some like-minded folks. You can connect with them ahead of time on social media through the team’s local fan clubs, or see if your team is on the following list.

Skeptical Chymist

TEAM: Seattle Seahawks
TVs: Three 10-foot screens right next to each other, plus 10 other smaller screens. A Bose Sound system enhances the stadium-like vibe.
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: “Two hours before game time the crowd starts building. At game time, it’s packed and just nuts,” says owner Trevor Kingston. Check out the 12th Man Flag (signed by the 2012 Seahawks) hanging from the ceiling of this Irish pub, or get your picture taken with a real hawk that stops by twice during the season.

The Blue Moose Bar & Grill

TEAM: New York Giants
TVs: 14 (one 90-inch screen)
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: You’ll find a decidedly East Coast flavor at this bar tucked away next to a parking deck just east of Scottsdale Road and across from the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Jello shots are given out for every Giants touchdown, there’s a halftime raffle for Giants gear and Ommegang beer from New York (of course) is served.

Ernie’s Inn

TEAM: Baltimore Ravens
TVs: 18 (one 50-inch screen)
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: The Travers family welcomes loyal Ravens fans who are often dressed from head to toe in their team’s gear. Watch the action at either the indoor or outdoor bar while chowing down on plenty of fresh seafood. Crab cakes are the specialty, but there’s also steamed shrimp, Blue Point oysters and crab dip, among other menu items.

Pub Rock Live

TEAM: Kansas City Chiefs
TVs: One huge projector screen in front of a band stage, plus 10 more throughout venue
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: This live music venue became Chiefs country (as the sign over the entrance says) four years ago thanks to its owner, a Montana native who supports the team. Check out the signed jerseys from Alex Smith and Jamal Charles, a framed collection of old player cards and still-in-the-box dolls of Tony Gonzales and Priest Holmes, all at the far end of the bar.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

TEAM: Denver Broncos
TVs: 32 plus a 24-foot projection screen
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: Expect up to 200 members of the Broncos in the Desert fan club to gather here this season and cheer on their defending Super Bowl champions, usually showing up well before game time. Despite this being a country-themed establishment, wearing a Cowboy hat might not be advisable on game days.

El Hefe

TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
TVs: 24
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: This Mexican-themed restaurant/bar was previously a Chicago Bears venue last year but now hosts fans of the Cincinnati Bengals. Its location right across the street from Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row should make any Bengals-Broncos game an interesting day on North Saddlebag Trail.

Rock Bar

TEAM: Philadelphia Eagles
TVs: 10 plus a large projection screen (and 4 more upstairs)
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: Devoted fans line up early outside the front door to watch their Eagles play. In between loudly urging their team to fly high, they also have the chance to devour Philly cheese steaks (made with either Whiz or mozzarella).

Buffalo Chip Saloon

TEAM: Green Bay Packers
TVs: 3 (but more on the way)
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: The legendary Chip burned down in November 2015 but is now back up and running, which is good news for Packers fans who have long called this home for games. Additional facilities are expected to open in October, providing more room for local and visiting Cheeseheads.

Harold’s Cave Creek Corral

TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
TVs: 20 inside plus 10 outside
GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE: Known as Heinz Field West, Harold’s opened in 1935 and is one of the most popular places for Steelers fans to gather outside of the Keystone State. Check out the extensive team memorabilia on the walls, including an autographed Mean Joe Greene jersey and framed Iron City beer cans.