The Price of the Puck

By local contributor
JoAnne Zeterberg

There’s no doubt about it – catching a professional hockey game is pricey. But when it comes to cost, not all games are created equal.

According to the Fan Cost Index pulled together by Team Marketing Report, a family of four can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $600 (US) to see the Toronto Maple Leafs take the ice. That includes tickets, hot dogs, beverages, and souvenirs.  Fans of the Flames, Oilers, Canadiens, Jets and Canucks can expect to pay between $360 (US) and $465 (US). The same cost for an Arizona Coyotes game? About $282 (US). 

Now, we’re not asking you to give up the home team (we’re not that crazy). But here’s an idea – how about taking the money you’d save on one game and putting it toward a warm-winter getaway in Scottsdale? You’ll enjoy sunny skies, winter highs around 22 degrees Celsius, and all the outdoor adventures and activities you love, including golf, hiking, river rafting, and horseback riding, just to name a few. Plus, we’ve even got a few indoor activities you might like:

Montreal Canadiens      Dec. 20, 2018

Edmonton Oilers           Jan. 2, 2019

Toronto Maple Leafs     Feb. 16, 2019

Winnipeg Jets               Feb. 24, 2019     

Vancouver Canucks       Feb. 28, 2019

Calgary Flames              March 7, 2019

Edmonton Oilers           March 16, 2019

So, keep rooting for your favorite team this winter, but enjoy a little sunshine while you’re at it. We’ll save you a seat at the arena.