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The launch of Experience Scottsdale’s new brand coincides with the revamp of our website, ExperienceScottsdale.com. With a new design and new features, the Experience Scottsdale website uses visuals and storytelling components to inspire travelers considering Scottsdale for their next trip. While Experience Scottsdale’s brand and advertising emphasize travelers’ emotional connections to Scottsdale, the website tells richer, deeper stories. This is where we expound upon all of Scottsdale’s attributes and amenities: resorts, spas, golf, arts and culture, restaurants, shopping and more. The new website functions also provide Experience Scottsdale members with additional platforms to share their message with potential visitors.  

Some of the new functions of ExperienceScottsdale.com include:

1.    Find Your Scottsdale
By clicking “Find Your Scottsdale” on the homepage, visitors are asked three questions that gauge their interests to better understand what they look for in a travel destination. Once answered, the website customizes content to prominently display stories and events that relate to the visitors’ specified interests.

2.    Scottsdale Stories
For the first time, Experience Scottsdale is partnering with local writers and social media influencers to generate content for the website on topics including sightseeing, food and nightlife, outdoor adventure, arts and culture, spa and wellness, and golf. The influencer program speaks to travelers’ desires to experience destinations like locals. These insiders share their own versions of Scottsdale and provide tips and recommendations on their favorite things to do and see in the destination.

3.    Favorites
As visitors explore the website and discover events, resorts, restaurants or activities that they want to remember for their trip to Scottsdale, they can mark their favorites and later email themselves a compiled list of all the items they favorited.  

4.    Member Listings
The new website also coincides with the overhaul of Experience Scottsdale’s member listings. Members now have the opportunity to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos to their own galleries. The revamped listings are more robust, displaying packages, coupons, influencer stories and events directly related to each member. To update and access your member listing, login to the Member Portal here.