Free Spirit Vacations specializes in designing personalized travel itineraries to create lifelong memories. The Free Spirit team has decades of experience in the travel industry and knows exactly how to design vacations that balance adventure, relaxation, and fun.  

Take in the views of the Grand Canyon, sip on some new wines, or hop aboard a train and see Arizona in a new way on one of our fun-filled day tours. Looking for something a bit longer? Try a one-to-three-night casino tour, which combines interesting excursions and plenty of casino time. Or journey with us to Mexico for beach time or butterflies, or perhaps hot air balloons in Albuquerque.  

If the high seas are more your style, sail away with us on a cruise to Hawaii, the British Isles or South America. See castles in Ireland, learn ancient history in Greece, or marvel at windmills and tulips in Holland. No matter where in the world you want to travel, we have an adventure waiting for you.  

Our travel experiences are so much more than just the destination. The anticipation, socialization, education, and memories are a big part of why guests continue to come back repeatedly. By offering more than 150 tours annually, there is truly something for everyone.    From Scottsdale to Scotland or beyond, Free Spirit Vacations gives you the freedom to wander!  

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