Mint Collective is redesigning the way we live, work and gather through the beauty of nature and power of human connection. People are craving experiences that deliver on our very human need to connect, create, and be inspired. We specialize in bringing uniquely local experiences to life that are not just memorable but also meaningful.

Whether it is curated spaces & creative activations, immersive experiences or interactive workshops, wellness classes or adventure outings - we believe in the power of thoughtfully crafted experiences that incorporate hands-on creativity, wellness and culinary, to infuse fresh energy, inspire productivity and foster stronger bonds amongst your group. We are a collective that includes artists, wellness specialists, outdoor culinary experts, creators, adventure seekers, sustainability leaders & more.

As the event and corporate experience world moves into a space that celebrates connection and authenticity, Mint Collective believes in building and fostering community that goes beyond the office space. We are collectively awakening to the idea that investing in shared experience creates a deeper and more meaningful connection. In today’s fast paced, hybrid world, we must redesign the way we gather, with experiences that connect people, together or apart.

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(858) 336-1404
(858) 336-1404
10115 E Bell Rd., STE 107 #479 Scottsdale, AZ 85260