While exploring touring options for the National Parks of the Southwest, why not choose the provider that can deliver it all? Papillon Group is the world’s largest and longest running sightseeing company with departures from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Phoenix/Scottsdale and Page/Lake Powell. We are Grand Canyon experts who bring more than 1,500 passengers a day to the spectacular sights by helicopter, airplane and coaches.

Exclusivity is our brand. We are committed to creating experiences that dazzle, delight and ‘wow’ our guests in every possible way. We proudly hold rights to land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for champagne picnics, as well as exclusive permission to land on top of Tower Butte rising 4,000 feet above Navajo tribal lands. Our guests can add thrilling off-road adventures to many of our tour packages, or sleep beneath the stars at the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Whether you choose to kick back and relax aboard a modern motorcoach or soar through the air amid the ancient walls of the Grand Canyon, our tours aim to meet your wanderlust and your travel budget.

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(928) 638-2419
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