If you are looking for the perfect group outing during Spring Training, look no further than the Charro Lodge at Scottsdale Stadium. You will enjoy a VIP experience with patio-style seating, all-inclusive food and beverage and an outstanding view at the Cactus League’s finest stadium. Charro Lodge tickets are available by calling The Scottsdale Charros at (480)990-2977.

Founded in 1961 as a special activity organization for the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the Scottsdale Charros have a tradition of volunteer community service. The Charros host Spring Training with the San Francisco Giants - a chief economic fundraiser for local charities and organizations. Spring Training is one of many community-based fundraising activities the Charros hold annually.

The Charros represent Scottsdale's foremost goodwill ambassadors. Their work supports the "Future Teacher Scholarship" benefiting high school seniors, awards Scottsdale's brightest teachers and students, and provides numerous other grants to youth, education and nonprofit organizations, helping make Scottsdale a vibrant community.

(480) 990-2977
(480) 990-2977
10533 E. Lakeview Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85258