Windwalker is a premier horseback riding company specializing in "private" rides for the discriminating equestrian. Your guides are working professionals who own their own horses and can accommodate English and Western disciplines. Windwalker also offers amazing 2-10 day pack trips into some of the most remote territory in Arizona.

In addition, you can experience terrific hiking, backpacking and wilderness survival adventures, as well as learn how to geocache or take a photography workshop class.

Windwalker also offers a fun and safe environment outside of the workplace to break ground in exploring new relationships and challenging old ways of thinking with our geocaching (desert treasure hunt) or our wilderness survival team-building exercises. We will provide GPS (global positioning) units, basic instructions as well a neutral observer to keep an eye on the teams as they are sent out to search for a hidden caches. Or groups can enjoy the challenge of learning to survive off the desert and working together to find food, water and shelter. Your employees will test their inter- and intra-team communication and trust, as well as help sharpen their competitive edge while nurturing their collaborative skills.

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5447 E. Skinner Dr. Cave Creek, AZ 85331
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