A Recipe for Remarkable. Start with the Scottsdale restaurant scene. Blend in a generous portion of ZuZu. Add the best seasonal American food. Garnish with handcrafted cocktails. Shake well.

The neighborhood restaurant of the Southwest had a constant, important presence in American life in the 1950's. The food was simple and wholesome, and it was a place where you came to expect a warm welcome, a hot meal, and a well-crafted cocktail. The cuisine we serve is dedicated to "ZuZu," a beloved mother and grandmother as well as a fantastic cook. She believed in the concept that food is better when it's shared with the people you love.

This little restaurant personifies what we love about Arizona: its rich sense of history, warm hospitality, and all its gentle reminders that we should never take ourselves too seriously.

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(480) 376-2600
(480) 376-2600
6850 E. Main St. Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Monday 6am-10pm
Tuesday 6am-10pm
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