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Our Go-To Spots for the Best Bacon

While the hamburger is largely considered “America’s National Dish,” it’s no secret that bacon comes in a close second.  Gaining in popularity over the last five years, bacon can now be found in main dishes, drinks and even desserts!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite go-to spots when I’m craving that perfect piece of crispy, salty pork.          


Bacon Board at Bootleggers

If you thought all bacon was created equal, think again. The Bacon Board at Bootleggers Modern American Smokehouse serves up five different rotating bacons along with sweet onion and red pepper jams, whole grain mustard and gherkins (pickled cucumbers).


Bacon-Fat Heirloom Popcorn at Citizen Public House

I’m a popcorn purist (no butter, no salt) so I’m hard-pressed to think it can be made better. But, somehow it is at Citizen Public House.  High Mountain Midnight Popcorn by Fireworks (a variety of blue corn that yields a robust flavor) is combined with bacon grease and topped with tender bacon pieces.  Is it healthy? No. Is it worth it? Yes.


Dinner for Two at Zinc Bistro

If your loved one loves bacon as much as you, put this Dinner for Two on your bucket list. The main course of this three-course meal is Châteaubriand (a large steak cut from the thickest part of a fillet of beef), topped with a béarnaise sauce and wrapped in bacon.  The meal also comes with starters, sides and dessert.


Chocolate Dipped Bacon S’mores at Beckett’s Table

Salty and sweet have never looked so good together. This riff on a childhood treat turns gourmet with a house-made marshmallow, caramel whipped peanut butter and graham cracker, topped with – you guessed it – a piece of bacon dipped in chocolate.  You absolutely can’t knock it until you try it.