Storytelling In Motion

Video Footage Request

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does that say about video? It’s hard to beat the power of storytelling in motion, particularly when it comes to watching the sun set over Camelback Mountain, a horse riding through a National Forest, or the clouds moving above a stately Saguaro cactus. We have “the shot” for you right here.

Logo Bug

Outdoor Adventure

The Sonoran Desert is the most lush, biodiverse desert in the world; talking about it doesn’t do it justice. From scenes of hiking Tom’s Thumb and kayaking the Lower Salt River, to following the trail in an off-road UTV, viewers can’t help but be captivated.

Old Town

Many say the beating heart of a city is found in its downtown, and that couldn’t be truer of Old Town. Watch as Scottsdale’s diverse art galleries, charming boutiques and vintage shops, stunning public art pieces and world-class museums come to life on the screen.

Culinary Scene

Want a peek inside the kitchen or to see friends chatting over a glass of Arizona wine? Come get a taste of the city’s 800 restaurants, myriad local dessert shops and six Arizona wine tasting rooms – we have the wining and dining shots covered.

Awe-Inspiring Accommodations

Private bungalows, sparkling pools, serene spas… Scottsdale’s resorts are second to none. Capture the true meaning of rest and relaxation – and even some fun for the whole family – as told by the camera.