Red, Red Wine

By local contributor
Christina La Porte

I used to think that wine tasting meant a pricey trip and a lot of sniffing, swirling and pretentious talk about tannins. That was until Arizona winemakers began to descend upon Old Town Scottsdale, opening fun, laid back tasting rooms where I could #drinklocal with my friends at a reasonable price and continue my quest for the very best red.

Call me indecisive, or call my palate (newly) developed, but I can’t choose just one. Red wine fans, take notes and plan a tasting tour to check out my three favorite local reds – you’ll thank me later.



As soon as this wine is poured into the glass, red fruit with a little bit of rose hit the nose, making it hard to let it breathe for a minute (as I’m told by experts that you should). The plum and fig flavors are just the right amount of sweet and make me think of a slice of homemade pie in the countryside, particularly once the vanilla-caramel goodness finishes off the sip. Need further proof this wine is great? It was just named a winner in the 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition!



Oh, how I love a good blend. This GSM* fusion has a medium garnet color and is nothing short of a gem, not just because of its delicate mix of fruit and woodsy flavors and scents that keep you coming back for more, but because of the story within the name (*Grenache-Syrah-Mourvedre). There are two brothers and one sister in the Carlson family, whose mother said that whenever there was just two of them together, it was smooth sailing. But add in a third, and things are about to get wild, hence, the Rule of Three. I taste red berries and blueberries mixed with walnut and a hint of sandalwood. But you must go see for yourself… and make your own tasting notes.



Like a little spice to your glass of red? Look no further than LDV’s “The Signature,” made from 100 percent Petite Sirah grapes and packing a full-bodied, unfiltered punch. It’s known as “liquid midnight” to the LDV crew for its deep color, dark fruit, and smoky and spicy flavors straight out of the oak barrels. Grab a bottle and pair it with steak or chocolate at home, or let it cap off your day in the tasting room at happy hour. Either way, it won’t disappoint.

New wine tasting room opening Fall 2018.