The VIP Nightclub Experience

By local contributor
Biannca Dominguez

While bottle service usually comes at a premium price, it always comes with premium service and amenities – especially in Scottsdale! Some of the things I love most about this VIP experience are: no line, no waiting for your drink, quality booze (champagne!), confetti, lights and the spectacle of beautiful, scantily clad ladies bringing out the bottle. It’s also a fun way to ensure that you’ll make new friends. So, if you’re headed out in Old Town Scottsdale, make sure you spring for bottle service at least once. Scottsdale nightclubs know how to do it right and you’ll be the envy of the entire club!

Here are some of my favorite places to splurge on a night out.


W Scottsdale

I love bottle service at the W because it’s one of the sexiest spots to be seen and there are two types of experiences to choose from. If you’re feeling like a more relaxed, live music vibe, the downstairs Living Room is the perfect place to grab a few couches and truly be in the center of it all as you sip your champagne. If you’re in the mood for something more flirty and fun, walk up the beautifully lit stairs to Cottontail Lounge. Located in an exclusive corner of the W Scottsdale WET Deck, this elegant space offers sweeping pool views. As one of the most elite hotels in Scottsdale, the W is simply amazing at providing VIP service and creating guest experiences that will leave you feeling like the Queen (or King) you are.


El Hefe

El Hefe is the perfect place to be when you’re craving that wild night out because it is labeled by many as the “craziest bar in Scottsdale.” This bar features all of the bottle service bells and whistles with the babe spectacle, confetti, smoke and lights. Plan to sit close to the DJ to experience an eclectic mix of high-energy music that will keep you dancing well into the night with new friends.


Bottled Blonde

Bottled Blonde is a more casual way to do bottle service while still getting the ultimate Scottsdale, fist-pumping experience. It’s always both crazy-busy and fun (though a dress code is still enforced). With people jammed in shoulder to shoulder, bottle service offers the best experience. As with all nightclub premium experiences, the babes bringing out the bottle will surely let everyone know that you’re a VIP and you can further solidify this by dancing on the table. Whether you’re sitting, standing or dancing, you will always have a view looking out into a sea of people dancing while you listen to a DJ spinning everything from Billboard top hits to EDM.

To wrap it up, I’ll leave you with a real-life quote from a friend after a recent night out, “Going to the clubs in Scottsdale is like going to the circus with really nice booze . . . talk about production and entertainment.”