campaign strategy

The Absolutely Scottsdale advertising campaign’s primary objective is to evoke emotion and inspire consumers to visit.

Campaign Goals

  1. Raise awareness by breaking through the clutter to grab attention and pique interest.
  2. Revitalize the Scottsdale brand by challenging old perceptions and showing vitality and sense of place.
  3. Represent new brand positioning by conveying the feeling of Effortless Revitalization.
  4. Portray new brand personality as a confident, authentic destination that knows what we stand for and where we’re going.
  5. Redefine perceptions of the desert by owning it, embracing it, and showing its appeal.
  6. Attract a broader audience by showing what the promise of Effortless Revitalization can look like for all our audience segments.

The Idea
They say: The desert is hot. It’s desolate. It’s rough and dangerous and wild.
We say: It is. Absolutely. And it’s exactly what you need right now.

The campaign’s short, declarative headlines grab consumers’ attention and make them pause, spinning perceived negatives into positives.

The campaign’s imagery is fresh, vibrant, authentic and consistent. Audiences will imagine themselves in the active, diverse group settings shown in the ads. While the photography shows the unmistakable beauty of Scottsdale’s desert, the design is just as distinctive. Type, color, art direction and layout come together for an iconic campaign.