Camp Ocean at Odysea Aquarium

Our camp provides a fun and unique learning environment for exploring the ocean and its amazing inhabitants.

Grades 1 through 8 will enjoy learning about diverse fresh and saltwater species, different ecosystems, animal adaptations, marine biology, and conservation through classroom activities, behind-the-scenes tours, and interactive learning experiences.

Fins, Feathers, and Fur: All About Animals
Grades 1-2 (Grade your Camper is entering FALL 2024)
Learn all about aquatic and terrestrial animals that are dependent on the oceans and their surrounding ecosystems. This camp will explore some of the unique characteristics of animals, including their adaptations, diets, and food chain, with interactive and fun activities designed for our younger campers.

Land, Sea, and Sky: Habitats of the World
Grades 3-5 (Grade your Camper is entering FALL 2024)
Take a tour around the world exploring the planet’s diverse animal habitats and the animals that rely on them. Explore ecosystems within each habitat and learn how all of the animals within them are interdependent. This camp will provide interactive and close-up experiences exploring some of OdySea Aquarium’s own amazing animal habitats.

Junior Marine Biologists: Care & Conservation
Grades 6-8 (Grade your Camper is entering FALL 2024)
Campers will develop not only a better understanding for our oceans and their inhabitants but what we can do to help protect them and preserve our planet. This camp will facilitate behind the scenes experiences that will teach what it takes to care for these amazing animals.

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(480) 291-8000