Night Owl Pizza & Drinks is a vibrant neighborhood restaurant and bar nestled in South Scottsdale. It's your ultimate destination for a delightful culinary experience and a memorable night out. Here's a closer look at what makes Night Owl special:

Culinary Delights: Night Owl is renowned for its New York-style pizza served by the slice. The delicious, thin-crust slices are perfect for savoring the essence of the Big Apple right here in Arizona. The menu also boasts mouthwatering smashburgers, specialty fries, chicken wings, and delectable garlic knots. Whether you're in the mood for a classic pizza slice or a gourmet burger, Night Owl has you covered.

Eclectic Decor: As you step into Night Owl, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere that's a blend of eclectic and nostalgic. The restaurant's decor is adorned with a fascinating collection of art and posters, creating a unique and inviting ambiance. It's a feast for the eyes and a perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

Entertainment Galore: Night Owl is not just about food; it's an entertainment hub as well. The spacious three-sided bar is where you can enjoy your favorite drinks while taking in the lively atmosphere. The bar area is adorned with eclectic art, adding to the overall charm.

TVs and Pinball Games: For sports enthusiasts, Night Owl features excellent TVs, ensuring you don't miss any of the big games. There's no better place to catch your favorite teams in action. If pinball is your game, Night Owl has you covered with exciting pinball machines to test your skills.

Outdoor Oasis: If you prefer the outdoors, Night Owl offers a large patio area equipped with yard games, comfortable seating, and ample shade. This is the perfect spot to enjoy your meal or drinks while relishing the fresh Arizona air. Plus, large sun-bright TVs ensure you don't miss out on any outdoor entertainment.

In summary, Night Owl Pizza & Drinks is a culinary haven in South Scottsdale. With its delectable food, captivating decor, and a wide array of entertainment options, it's a place that welcomes foodies, sports enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a memorable time. Whether you're stopping by for a quick slice of pizza, a delicious burger, or a night of fun with friends, Night Owl is the place to be.

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(480) 687-1827
(480) 687-1827
1645 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Monday 11 AM - 2 AM
Tuesday 11 AM - 2 AM
Wednesday 11 AM - 2 AM
Thursday 11 AM - 2 AM
Friday 11 AM - 2 AM
Saturday 12 PM - 2 AM
Sunday 10 AM - 2 AM